Remembering my childhood with my paternal side of family, birthdays, Chinese new year celebrations, and Christmas were filled with food on the table. The Peranakan called it ‘tok panjang’.. A long table full of glorious food of the festivity. You would see plates of meat dishes , salads, rice, fried noodles , crackers and definitely acar (pickled vegetables) and sambal (chili), yes! Indonesians won’t start eating without sambal on the plate. I wasn’t those kid who was eager of food at that time, so I would roam around the table to find some crackers in the end my grandma would caught me and offered me some proper food to eat. My dad grew up in a Dutch educated family and nearly all of my paternal relatives are able to speak Dutch fluently and no doubt that they can cook some Dutch influenced food such as rujak pengantin, galantin, ayam kodok, poffertjes and many more. FYI, Indonesia was ruled by Dutch for more than 350 years and not surprising to me that there is some Dutch influence in Indonesian food. One of them is Galantin, well I think it is not fully influenced by Dutch but there is a touch of French too in here. I was craving so so so badly for this dish and ended up looking for the perfect recipe but could not find any good recipe ! Galantin is meant to be a non halal dish, I could recall that my relatives would make it from luncheon meat and minced pork, but those recipes I found online are usually halal galantin. I made an experiment myself with the help from asking the ingredients from my mom, I did it ! Would like to share this recipe with you, I hope it will be useful for those who are staying overseas and miss this old skool Indonesian dish.


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Bornga Vivo City

I just love eating Korean food, not because I had been in relationship with Korean drama before but simply just because they are good! Most of them are heavy meals and it will be better if we enjoy it with a group of 4 at least. Last month was a blissful month for me! I was favored with good increment and bonus ! YAY! so time to have a little celebration with my loved one. Korean food is our fave ! this time we were so eager to try Bornga, I heard that it is Korea’s leading chain of authentic BBQ restaurants. This time we decided to go to Vivo City, hoping that there will not be too much people queuing.


We were quite amazed when the waiter served us a tray full of fresh assorted raw vegetables which will be used for wrapping the bbq meats. It looked fresh, crunchy and juicy, green chili and carrot strips were also included in the tray. Suddenly, I felt very HUNGRY!

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